Partners, WP, and Topics
Partners, WP, and Topics

The aim of the SOMPATY project is to strengthen research ties between Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), particularly the CIS countries in Asia Minor and Central Asia.


focuses on an intensive staff exchange, which will lead to collaborative research and training between universities and research organizations from Azerbaijan, the Czech Republic, Germany, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

  • The task is organized into four Work Packages with 192 person months.
  • Several important project events are scheduled:
    • 4 scientific workshops (Tashkent’23, Almaty’24, and Baku’25)
    • 2 summer schools
    • public outreach activities
Specific objectives and the relevance of the research & innovation action

Key research questions include

WP 1: Numerical schemes for indefinite Sturm-Liouville problems & spectral analysis of signals
WP 2: Linear & nonlinear models of branched structures
WP 3: Spectral theory of singular perturbations and inverse problems
WP 4: Approximation theory & theory of function spaces

Research and innovation objectives
  • To model optical fibre networks, nanoscale waveguides and branched structures, nanomaterials and metamaterials including dissipative materials.
  • To contribute to the understanding of novel types of metamaterial structures.
  • To deepen spectral optimization methods in inverse problems for integrated circuits.