The task is organized into four Work Packages (WP) with 154 person months.
The task is organized into four Work Packages (WP) with 192 person months.
  • WP 1: Numerical schemes for indefinite Sturm-Liouville problems & spectral analysis of signals
    (person months: 47; Ilmenau)
  • WP 2: Linear & nonlinear models of branched structures
    (person months: 48; Prague)
  • WP 3: Spectral theory of singular perturbations and inverse problems
    (person months: 48; Kyiv)
  • WP 4: Approximation theory & theory of function spaces
    (person months: 49; Lübeck)
  • WP 5: Dissemination, exploitation and outreach
    (activity: Communication & dissemination; Kyiv)
  • WP 6: Project management
    (activity: management; Ilmenau)
NoStaffSending Organisation
(Short Name, Country)
Seconded to Org
(Short Name, Country)
Work Package
Starting month
Duration (months
1ESRBaku (AZ)Kyiv (UA)WP1212
2ERKyiv (UA)Tash (UZ)WP3212
3ESRLueb (DE)Baku (AZ)WP1221
4ERTash (UZ)Prague (CZ)WP2228
5ERKyiv (UA)Alm (KZ)WP1242
6ERAlm (KZ)Ilm (DE)WP2251
7ESRAlm (KZ)Ilm (DE)WP2251
8ERAlm (KZ)Ilm (DE)WP2251
9ERBaku (AZ)Prague (CZ)WP3253
10ERTash (UZ)Ilm (DE)WP3262
11ESRTash (UZ)Ilm (DE)WP3262
12ESRAlm (KZ)Kyiv (UA)WP1273
13ESRTash (UZ)Ilm (DE)WP3272
14ERAlm (KZ)Prague (CZ)WP2294
15ESRTash (UZ)Ilm (DE)WP3291
16ERKyiv (UA)Alm (KZ)WP4302
17ERIlm (DE)Baku (AZ)WP1321
18ESRPrague (CZ)Tash (UZ)WP2321
19ESRBaku (AZ)Lueb (DE)WP4323
20ESRAlm (KZ)Lueb (DE)WP1352
21ESRBaku (AZ)Prague (CZ)WP3354
22ERKyiv (UA)Tash (UZ)WP3366
23ERIlm (DE)Tash (UZ)WP2381
24ERAlm (KZ)Kyiv (UA)WP4382
25ESRBaku (AZ)Lueb (DE)WP4394
26ESRBaku (AZ)Ilm (DE)WP1403
27ERKyiv (UA)Baku (AZ)WP3404
28ERAlm (KZ)Lueb (DE)WP4413
29ERKyiv (UA)Baku (AZ)WP1424
30ESRAlm (KZ)Prague (CZ)WP2423
31ERTash (UZ)Ilm (DE)WP3444
32ESRTash (UZ)Prague (CZ)WP2466
33ESRKyiv (UA)Baku (AZ)WP4462
34ERAlm (KZ)Ilm (DE)WP1483
35ERLueb (DE)Baku (AZ)WP4482
36ERPrague (CZ)Alm (KZ)WP2501
37ESRKyiv (UA)Baku (AZ)WP3504
38ERBaku (AZ)Kyiv (UA)WP3505
39ERBaku (AZ)Ilm (DE)WP1513
40ERBaku (AZ)Kyiv (UA)WP4522
41ESRLueb (DE)Alm (KZ)WP1541
42ERBaku (AZ)Lueb (DE)WP1543
43ESRAlm (KZ)Ilm (DE)WP2543
44ERTash (UZ)Kyiv (UA)WP3545
45ESRPrague (CZ)Baku (AZ)WP3561
46ESRAlm (KZ)Kyiv (UA)WP4573
47ESRIlm (DE)Tash (UZ)WP2591
48ERAlm (KZ)Lueb (DE)WP4594
49ESRKyiv (UA)Baku (AZ)WP1602
50ERTash (UZ)Prague (CZ)WP2616
51ERIlm (DE)Alm (KZ)WP1621
52ESRKyiv (UA)Baku (AZ)WP4634
53ERBaku (AZ)Ilm (DE)WP1643
54ESRAlm (KZ)Lueb (DE)WP4643
55ERBaku (AZ)Lueb (DE)WP4643
56ERPrague (CZ)Tash (UZ)WP3661

ER:   Experienced Researcher               
ESR: Early Stage Researcher